Birches crematorium Cheshire

Birches crematorium Cheshire: The new owner of Birches Crematorium and Remembrance Park in Cheshire is pretty confident that this new asset will set a trend in the UK. Completely different, far from standard, with optimal choices for catering, much service and all top quality. So it is no surprise that the new crematorium in this region does not compete on prices but on all its added value instead.

The owner of the English high-profile crematorium is All Faiths, an organisation that manages and runs crematoriums. The new idea is that distance is no longer important when a suitable farewell is wanted. Manager Angela Dunn: “We have opted for top quality and we expect that the crematorium will be interesting for a larger region because of our new way of working and high service level. We offer something completely different so we believe that distance will not play a role in this.”

Birches crematorium Cheshire is unique in England

A team went all over the world prior to the building of the new cremation centre. Angela: “Subsequently, we took all the good examples home with us and started developing our crematorium. The complex contains a beautiful chapel, multiple family rooms, a ceremony hall, and a kitchen to facilitate large catering for big groups of people. Flower arrangements are offered, a funeral planner is available and the family will be given all the time they need to arrange exactly the funeral they had in mind. That is unique in England.”

A great deal of attention was also paid to the outside area. Water and greenery designs were performed long before the building started. As a result, visitors could walk around a beautiful garden or towards wonderfully designed ash scattering fields on the day of the opening already. Angela: “This is a place where people can meet each other, in sad situations but we can imagine that we might also organise other live events and do not exclude weddings in this. We can organise whatever people want us to.”

The new crematorium contains a DFW 6000 cremator. We opted for DFW, says Angela, because of the many additions they offered. “We are really happy with the automatic insert machine and the handy ash pan. Of course, we also looked into the price-quality relationship and we attach great value to personal contact and the services provided by the team of DFW Europe. We are very impressed with all the new options”, according to Angela.

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