DFW Europe has been experiencing a solid growth over the last few years and wants to move with technical developments and relevant data on all fronts. That is why we looked to expand our team. We are pleased to introduce to you: Wesley Wolters. This 43-year old mechanical enginee has been employed by DFW Europe as an Operational Manager since the 1st of June last year.

Wesley has a mechanical engineering as well as a project management background. From an early age he was able to develop himself with the help of studies, knowledge, skills and particularly by a great deal of practical experience. In the past few years, he worked in the industrial (fluid) gas industry and the inextricably linked energy transition.

Wesley: All the insights enabled me to become integrated into the cremation business and I was able to take a look behind the scenes in several places. I saw some cremators in organisations that were pretty scary to a layman, they radiated coldness. Of course I know what happens in a cremator, but its appearance makes a great difference, in particular when I look at it from the next of kin’s position. The first time I saw one of DFW Europe’s cremators I knew that it could be different and I wanted to fi nd out more about this company’.

Since June, the newcomer has been overwhelmed by a tsunami of information and he gained insight into all ongoing projects, new projects and existing customer locations. ‘I immediately felt at home with this company. In the past year, I noticed how much is happening at and around DFW Europe. It is my goal to set the bar even higher together with my colleagues. Especially in the fi eld of service and quality we want to continue making a difference. But we can also further improve as regards working with maximum efficiency and optimal communication. My motto is that we do this together. We have a collective goal and that is that we do what we agree and say. And that is how I enjoy every, educational day!’

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