DFW Europe has designed the ash pan lift for both the DFW 6000 and the DFW Electric. The ash pan lift has several advantages that come together in this innovative design. The ash pan lift improves the ergonomics and the heating control in the cremator. Human errors are reduced to a minimum. When the ash pan lift is moved towards the outside, the full ash pan is brought to an ergonomic lifting height. This contributes to a better posture when lifting the ash pan. When the empty ash pan moves towards the inside, it is pushed against the cremator to avoid air leakage along the ash pan. This results in a more controllable combustion
and allows the cremator to cool down more slowly.

The DFW control system regulates the ash pan lift in such a way that the operator of the cremator can only work in a fixed order so that no cremains can be mixed. The pilot light will indicate it if the ash valve is blocked by a prosthesis. The ash pan will be secured to the holder in the ash pan lift to avoid it from getting stuck. If the lift goes down without the ash pan, it will automatically move outside again to ensure that there is always an ash pan under the cremator.

If you are interested in this innovative ash pan lift for your DFW6000, please contact us.

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