Cremation supplies DFW Europe in-house design of crematoria equipment & solutions

The core business of DFW Europe is to design, engineer, produce and install cremators. This is conducted in an environmental-friendly way and with user-friendly equipment with a high degree of operational ease as a structural starting point.

DFW Europe’s designs are based on professional knowledge and broad experience. By creating the designs in-house, the company can guarantee the use of innovative techniques. And DFW Europe also distinguishes itself in the market through its operational systems reducing energy consumption and ease of operation.

DFW European cremation supplies

The maintenance of DFW Europe cremation supplies for cremators is covered by maintenance contracts based on the number of cremations per year. Service and maintenance are performed by an adequate and professional team who, in the event of a disruption, will be in touch with the installed equipment through an online connection with the operating system.

Cremation Supply

cremation supply