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Consultants and supplier of the most innovative cremation equipment
DFW Europe is specialized in cremation equipment, crematory products, crematorium design, manufacture and installation of cremator installations for humane- as animal cremations. The high degree of ease to use and environmental requirements play a major role for all DFW Europe cremation equipment and crematory products.

Cremation equipment & Crematory products

DFW Europe has in the recent years developed a number of new cremators for both human cremations as animal / pet cremations.

Human cremation

DFW Europe has a number of cremation furnaces for each crematorium program DFW Europe offers a crematory solution. For crematoriums with smaller numbers we have the DFW 4000. For crematoriums with larger numbers we advice to select the DFW 6000 for optimal cremator capacitance. With the unique DFW operating monitoring system to operate all these cremations in a simple and effective way. With a single operation is the cremation process starts automatically and visualized on the touchscreen. Furthermore, various modifications may be made to the settings during the cremation process through this same touchscreen. For human crematories cremation ovens, there are two types, namely:
a) Cremator DFW 6000
b) Cremator DFW 4000

Pet cremation

A pet cremator is special developed with a loading capacity of up to 100 kg, making it the best pet cremator in it’s range. The newest is the animal / pet cremator DFW 100.

Cremation consultants & supplies

DFW Europe designs in-house and has more then only cremation equipment. Also import machinery, operating systems and filtration systems ash processing systems can be supplied by DFW Europe. The Cremulator is one of the own crematorium products and designs of DFW Europe that is sold worldwide. Apart from design, manufacture and installation DFW Europe offers the best crematorium maintenance depending on the customer requirements. Faults can be issued online, or resolved on the spot 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Cremation equipment manufacturer and supplier

Download here the business leaflet: Cremation equipment manufacturer DFW Europe (pdf)

Cremation Furnaces

Cremation Equipment

Cremation equipment: DFW Europe is the most innovative cremation equipment manufacturer.

Cremator DFW 6000

Human cremator DFW 6000 cremation furnace is the most energy efficient cremation oven.

Automatic Charing Bier

Automatic charging bier, the most efficient way to insert a coffin automatically.