Cremation training the cremator course

When a DFW Europe cremator is bought and installed, sufficient training should be provided to the staff members who are going to operate this cremator. Prior to the start of the cremation process and in conjunction with the manager of the crematorium or funeral parlour, the staff members concerned will be invited to participate in a training.

What is the structure of the cremation training?

The training will take two days. One day of theoretical and one day of practical training. The trainers will come to the location where the new crematorium is located and where room is made available to give a presentation. Alternatively, the theoretical part of the course can be given at DFW Europe’s in Broek op Langedijk. The new operators will be presented with the theoretical information in form of a presentation. Prior to the start of the presentation, the group and the trainers will visit the cremator area so that they can become familiar with it. This will give a clear view of the actual situation. Back in the training room, each participant will be provided with a manual containing all the elements of the cremator as previously viewed.

The manual contains highly detailed descriptions with pictures of the various elements of the operations of the cremator. Clear pictures have been used to analyse and discuss the process step by step. The participants can ask questions any time.

The practical training will start off in the technical area and we will discuss all the elements that were addressed during the theoretical training. We will perform dummy inserts and special calamity training will be given.

It is also possible to give a one-day refresh training to keep the operators knowledge up-to-date. The theoretical and practical information will be repeated, dealing with the theoretical information in the morning and the practical information and calamities in the afternoon.

During a separate part we will go into the question of what exactly is meant by a calamity and how to deal with it responsibly? This way of dealing with calamities will explain everything that is unclear about technical failures or other calamities.

All the participants participating in the training will have to do a test, a small exam, at the end of the training. This is essential to determine if the staff members concerned are capable to operate the cremator in a responsible way. A certificate will be issued if the test score is sufficient. If the score is insufficient, the staff member concerned will be given the opportunity to look into the subject matter again and to ask questions.

After the trainingscourse and when the test is passed, each participant will receive a certificate and he/she will be authorised to operate the cremator as a certified cremation operator.

The cost of the two-day cremation training is included in the purchase of the new DFW cremator.

The one-day refresher training is intended for existing operators and will be given in their respective location. We will charge for such refresher course. Please inquire the possibilities.

New staff members at an existing crematorium formally have to follow the two-day training before they are allowed to work as a certified operator. We will charge for such a course. Please inquire the possibilities.

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