Cremulator ® human ash processor

The humane ash mill / ash processor was specially developed by DFW Europe in the early 1990s to optimize working conditions for the treatment of ash residues and with success. This humane ash processor has now become one of the best-selling ash mills in Europe and has also been sold to China since 2000.

Benefits of a human cremulator / ash processor

After separation of the larger ferrous and non-ferrous parts, the further ash treatment takes place in the cremulator. Here, the non-ferrous metals and the small ferrous parts are separated from the imported ash residue by means of two collecting drawers. The ash mill will grind the remaining ash residue into a powder that can be stored in an ash canister for further treatment. The ash processor also offers many additional advantages, namely:

  • Lockable non-ferrous tray;
  • Process time of only 90 seconds;
  • Automatic filling of any type of urn;
  • Simple to operate;
  • Safe;
  • Operating personnel work in a virtually dust-free environment;
  • The ash pan can be adapted to any type of ash pan;
  • Low maintenance costs.

Hundreds of these installations have been delivered and installed since 1991. You can find our ash mill in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, England, Spain, Ireland and China.

Cremulator & Human Ash Processing

Download more information about the: Human ash processor / ash mill after cremation (pdf)

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