Cremulator ® : The Cremulator designed by DFW Europe is one of the most in-demand ash processors in the world. It contains a mechanism which automatically separates Ferro and non-Ferro metals. The ashes are deposited directly into a separate container, for further processing. To guarantee the safety of the operators, the whole is kept in under-pressure by a particulates vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of the cremulator at a glance:

  • Automatic separation of Ferro & non-Ferro metals;
  • Two collecting units for Ferro & non-Ferro metals;
  • Lockable non-Ferro unit;
  • Processing time of just 90 seconds;
  • Automatic filling of any type of urn;
  • Easy and safe to operate;
  • Operators work in a 100% dust free environment;
  • The ash unit can be adjusted to any type of ash container;
  • Size of milling on request;
  • Different output ⌀ on request (urn sizes);
  • Low maintenance costs.
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Over 200 installations of the human ash remain processor have already been supplied and installed since 1988. Our ash processor has among others been installed in the following countries: The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain and China.

Download here technical data from our: Ash processor human remains (pdf)

cremulator ash processor