Pet cremator DFW 100 animal cremation furnace

Pet cremator for house animal cremations

DFW Europe has developed a special cremator for pet cremations with a loading capacity up to 100 kg. This means that most of the pets presented for cremation are covered. The cremator is fully adapted to current environmental standards for the humane cremation of pets. The unique DFW operation system is also applied in the DFW 100 cremator, which makes the cremator very easy to operate. With just a few actions by the operator, the cremation process will be started fully automatically, visualized on the touchscreen. Any change of the cremation process can easily be made via the same touchscreen. The most recently developed pet cremator is the DFW 100.

DFW 100 pet cremator

The new DFW 100 pet cremator is fully adapted to the requirements for an environmentally friendly and ‘humane’ way of cremation of pets. By applying a change in the conduct of flue gas flow, the floor of the cremation chamber is heated up, reducing gas consumption to a minimum. The prolonged after-burning time results in excellent and clean after-burning. The DFW 100 is suitable for up to 100 kg per process. To reduce installation time, the oven comes fully assembled with all necessary monitoring and control equipment.

By applying the unique DFW operating system the DFW 100 cremator is very easy to operate. With a few simple steps, the cremation process is automatically started, visualized on the touchscreen. Any change of the cremation process can easily be made through the same touchscreen. It is also possible that DFW assists you in making adjustments in the cremation process via a modem connection.

Through the economical and highly reliable continuous measurement of oxygen, temperatures and pressures, a constant cremation process is obtained, resulting in a very efficient gas consumption. Due to a well controlled cremation process, maintenance costs can be reduced to a very low level. The high quality, low investment and excellent performance in gas consumption make the DFW 100 a good and reliable pet cremation oven.

Download our leaflet from the: DFW 100 animal cremation furnace (pdf)