Cremation services and crematory maintenance of cremation equipment

DFW Europe has an excellent reputation in the field of crematorium services and crematory maintenance of the installed cremators. The service and maintenance of DFW Europe is available on every normal work-day and solves any problem through the integrated online connection to the installations. In the event a problem cannot be solved through this system, our engineers will make sure that it will be solved on site the same day.

With a full-maintenance contract, based on the number of cremations per year, the preventive maintenance of the cremator / cremation installation will be fully conducted by DFW Europe. All work and replacements, such as the annual inspection, renewals of masonry (parts) and filters amongst other work are provided for in this full-maintenance contract.

The best cremation services

The best crematorium services and support is our full-maintenance contract and means: NO WORRIES!

cremation services