Crematory maintenance custom crematorium maintenance in Europe and world wide

To maintain your installation, you will be at the right address with DFW Europe. Through years of experience of our technicians in the maintenance of gas-fired plants, the related work on your cremator system will be in perfect hands with us. No matter which manufacturer’s installation it is, we can provide tailored maintenance.

All inclusive crematory maintenance contract

DFW Europe has developed all kind of different concepts to maintain your cremator installation. This ranges from an annual visit to the execution of an all-inclusive maintenance contract and many intermediate possibilities.

Many crematorium owners prefer an all-in maintenance contract where everything is included such as material, man hours and travel. In such a contract all general activities as well as supplies are compressed and translated into a fixed amount per cremation.

With a DFW Europe all-in contract your benefit is that you will not have any unexpected expenses. It also ensures the safety of your operators. A second advantage is that the operation for the coming year or years can be calculated and guaranteed.

Just as our slogan says:

You can catch up… always on our way to provide maintenance and the best service for your crematorium.

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