Cremulator DFW Electric ergonomics and user-friendliness of this ash processor.

DFW Europe has included in its range a new type of cremulator, which can be supplied in combination with the DFW Electric for a cremation. This cremulator has an ergonomicfriendly working height for positioning the ash pan and the urn.

The cremulator is equipped with appropriate sound insulation to keep the sound level as low as possible. The outside of the standard design is finished with lacquer. In order to obtain the best-looking result, the hatches are equipped with invisible hinges.

Firstly the fine-grinding unit of the cremulator works according to the principle of chains grinding the remaining ashes, after which the ashes fall into the urn through a perforated sheet. Secondly any metal parts contained in the ashes are returned to the ash pan after the ashes have been ground. Thirdly the cremulator is controlled by a PLC which is operated from a 5.7” touch panel on the right-hand side of the upper hatch of the installation. And as conclusion this is the best ash processor on the market. The cremulator for the electric cremation furnace will work very efficient.

Download here the product details of the: Cremulator / Ash processor DFW Electric.

Cremulator 2 DFW Electric Ash Processor