Cremator DFW 6000 human cremation furnace

Cremator DFW 6000

The new DFW 6000 human cremator is the most innovative and compact crematory furnace from the DFW range. Gas consumption by the DFW 6000 has been reduced to a minimum by locating the post-combustion chamber around the cremation chamber. The DFW 6000 is a hot-start cremation oven that can be supplied as a ‘single-end’ or ‘double-end’ cremations. This cremation oven is ideal for crematory with an annual capacity of up to six cremations a day. In order to limit installation time, the cremation oven is supplied fully assembled.

Cremator DFW 6000 cremation furnace

Automatic Charging Bier
For the safe entering of a coffin, the DFW 6000 may be supplied with an automatic charging bier, integrated under the crematorium oven / retort.

Ash container
Through an extendable system the ash container is brought to an ergonomically sound position for the operators to take out the ash container for further processing.

By applying the unique DFW operating system the cremation oven and the necessary downstream filter are very easy to operate. With just a few actions by the operator, the cremation process will be started fully automatically, visualized on the touchscreen. Any change of the cremation process can easily be made via the same touchscreen. It is also possible that DFW assists you in making adjustments in the cremation process via a modem connection.

Through the economical and highly reliable continuous measurement of oxygen, temperatures and pressures, a constant process of cremation is obtained. This results in very economical gas and electricity consumption. Due to the controlled cremation process, maintenance can be kept at a very low level. The high quality, low investment and excellent performance in terms of gas consumption make the DFW 6000 a good and reliable cremator.

Download here your leaflet from our: Human cremator the DFW 6000 cremation furnace (pdf)