Coffin transport trolley lift is functional and reliable

The DFW Trans electric / hydraulic lift coffin trolley has been used for many years in crematoria and has proven its high degree of functionality and reliability. The DFW Trans Lift Trolley can be used in different stages, which are:

  • To level the coffin at the correct height from the car to the crematorium;
  • The possibility of laying out in the auditorium at the correct height;
  • The handling of the coffin;
  • Entering the coffin into the cremator, using paper feed rollers.

Easy coffin transport

At the top the lift trolley has been equipped with a number of rolls so the effort needed for moving a coffin is limited to a minimum. Via push buttons, handled by foot, the lift can be placed at any height (minimum height 45 cm to maximum height 1 meter, other heights on request). The DFW Trans car can also be equipped with matching skirt so that the technical electrical / hydraulic lift is hidden.

catafalque coffin transport