Charging bier and importing the coffin towards manually and automatic into the cremation furnace. To enter a coffin in a safe manner in a cremator, DFW Europe has developed both a manual and an automatic charger.

Charging bier available

  • Automatic charging bier (AIM automatic insert machine) for cold and warm start cremators;
  • Manual feed: only for cold start cremators (lift trolley).

DFW Europe also produces the Catafalque. This is being used for the internal transport of the coffin inside the crematorium. From this catafalque, which has rolls, the coffin can be imported, placed into a funeral car quite easily.

Automatic Insert Machine AIM

Automatic charging bier safe charging of a coffin.
A full-automatic, integrated charging bier is the right choice for the safe transfer of a coffin at an oven temperature above 500°C. DFW Europe developed this coffin insert machine and marketed it in 2008.

One simple action involving a minimum of effort transfers the coffin, as it travels along the transport trolley, onto the automatic charging bier. The charging bier is activated via the touch-screen, after which the coffin is transferred to the oven fully automatically. The loading door is opened fully automatically and closed again once the coffin has entered the cremator.

Once the coffin has entered the cremator, the charging bier automatically collapses, rolls under the oven, and is entirely hidden from view. The fact that the machine is automatically stored away after use means that the location is left clean and uncluttered so that family and friends can be received respectfully.

Cremator automated charging bier

The DFW 6000 cremator can be fitted with an automatic charging bier (called AIM) that is stored below the cremator. The DFW 4000 cremator can be fitted with an automatic charging bier (AIM) that can be fully withdrawn into the cremator’s floor construction.

The charging bier of the DFW 6000 cremator is stored below the cremator, while the charging bier of the DFW 4000 cremator is withdrawn into the cremator’s floor construction.

Download here technical data from our: Automatic charging bier (pdf)

automatic charging bier