Cremation information South Africa SA

General cremation information for the year 2016

Population 55.9100.000
Deaths year
Total cremations
Percentage of cremations
Total no. of crematoria 33
Legislation Yes, health department
Market Government and Private business

In 2011, 79% of the population was black, 9% white, 9% colored and 3% were Indian or Asian. In 2013, life expectancy was 54.2 years. According to the last South African census of 2001, 79.7% of the population were Christian. Of these, 11.1% of the Zion Christian Church, 8.2% at Pentecost, had 7.1% in the Roman Catholic Church, 6.8% in the Methodist Church, 6.7% in the Dutch Reformed Church, 3, 8% at the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and 36% belonged to other Christian churches. Most white Afrikaners have traditionally belonged to the Calvinist-Protestant Dutch Reformed Church. However, in recent years, they have increasingly moved to the African Protestant Church (APK). 1.5% of the population attacked Islam and 1.3% Hinduism. 15.1% of South Africans were non-believers, 2.3% had a different belief and 1.4% was not clear. Many people combine Christianity with a natural goddess.

South Africa environmental legislation and rules

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