The DFW Electric Double-End is the new shoot of the DFW Europe cremators. In addition to the Single-End electric cremator we have also designed a Double-End one. The first prototype is currently being constructed and will be installed in the new DELA crematorium in Groningen mid-next year.

Adding this Double-End to our range meets a market demand. Existing customers who have bought a DFW6000 in the past would like to apply the Double-End principle when they decide to switch to an electric cremator.

Raking is performed in the technical room of the Double-End, which means that the insertion area will be without raking tools. A condition for installing a Double-End is that there must be enough room behind the cremator.

DFW Europe expects to receive positive feedback from the market, like we did with the introduction of the Single-End Electric. The DFW Electric concept has meanwhile proved its worth as a highly energy-efficient and quiet cremator.

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