DELA funeral care: Placement electric cremator the fisrt of the two DFW electric cremation furnaces was installed at Den en Rust crematorium in Bilthoven on last Monday. The placement is part of the extensive renovation of the crematorium, which has been closed for this purpose since the end of June 2021. The crematorium is being renovated, optimized and made more sustainable.

Part of making this sustainable is the removal of the gas-fired cremator. It will be replaced by two electric cremators. This contributes to the sustainability objectives that the owner of the cooperative DELA has. Part of this is reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, these ovens contribute to reducing gas consumption, a current discussion with rising gas prices. It does not matter for the cremation process whether a cremation is on gas or electricity.

The electric cremation oven arrived early on Monday morning with special transport, to be hoisted into place in the building later that day. The oven weighs about 21,000 kilos. The oven will be prepared for use in the coming days. The renovation of Den en Rust is going according to plan and the location is expected to reopen in the first quarter of 2022. The second electric cremator will be installed around the turn of this year 2021.

Two DFW electric cremators

Two electric cremators are installed, because one cremation in an electric cremator takes about thirty minutes longer than in a gas oven. In this way, the total capacity for cremations in the Utrecht region will be maintained. During the closure of Den en Rust it already appeared that reducing the kiln capacity for a longer period of time puts a heavy burden on surrounding crematoria. Maintaining daily capacity is therefore desirable. On an annual basis 1,500 to 1,600 cremations are performed at Den en Rust.

Until recently, gas was the most efficient fuel for cremators, but technical developments have made electricity more efficient and its use is now feasible for cremations. One cremation saves approximately 60 m3 of gas, which corresponds to 113.4 kg of CO2 emissions. After a thousand cremations, 113,400 kg of CO2 emissions have been saved, the equivalent of 5,000 trees. DELA aims for climate-neutral funerals by 2030. Electric ovens are an important step in this regard. One cremation costs 75 kWh of electricity, but because DELA only uses green electricity generated in the Netherlands, there is no CO2 emissions in return. Solar panels are also being installed at Den en Rust.

Source: DELA (only in Dutch)

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