In Charlton, Pure Cremation’s operations are ongoing 24 hours a day. Gas is used as energy source. Currently, three cremation systems are operational and a fourth one is under development. Owner Bryan Powell is aware that substantial savings can be made by using electricity as an energy source and that this has far less impact on the environment.

However, the method of cremation and particularly the pace at which it is done in Charlton also leads to significant energy savings. Additionally this most certainly contributes to saving the environment. According to Bryan: “The ongoing cremations ensure that the cremators remain at the right temperature and that no energy is lost on heating them up.”

Tree planting
Throughout the UK, there is a growing awareness of the impact of climate change and our shared responsibility for it. Bryan: “Last year, we conducted a major study into the ways in which we, as an organization, can contribute to climate protection. Other than that, it gave us many insights as well as awareness and it led to us planting more than 300 trees.”

Pure Cremation serves England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Bryan: “99% of our cremations are without any next of kin attending. It enables us to mainly focus on the efficiency of the cremation process. It resulted in a 1/3 reduction of the average gas consumption. We must do cremations, of course, but in this way we also help to contribute to energy savings and less CO2 emissions.

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