A cremation training is a must! No cremator is the same. Innovative products are added and existing products are further developed. This means that Désiree van den Haak, instructor with DFW Europe, has to keep updating her programme to be able to provide the latest information.

Cremation training the crematorium furnaces

A training and instruction programme is developed for every crematorium where a cremator of DFW Europe is installed. Désiree: ‘All operators operating a cremator are given a tailor-made training. If the cremator is newly installed, we will divide the information in one day of theoretical training and one day of practical training. If it is an existing crematorium with experienced operators we do this in one day. During the practical training in the technical room we also deal with calamities that may occur.

Désiree: ‘The fact that technology is subject to innovation and/or improvement, it is important that the employees operating the cremator know and can see exactly how everything works. That is why we show all the operatinal parts in videos during the instruction. At the end of the training, Désiree will let the participants know that if there are any questions or breakdowns they can also contact DFW Europe outside office hours. The technicians are able to log into the customer’s system to also provide support in this way. Is it fun and educational to give these trainings? ‘Definitely! I like to share knowledge, to be able to answer questions and to be part of interactions in a group.’

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