Trainings on-site are very successful

When a DFW Europe cremator is bought and installed, sound training should be provided to the staff members who are going to operate this cremator.

The cremation training takes two days. One day of theoretical training and one day of practical training. The trainers will either come to the location where the new crematorium is located, or the participants come to DFW Europe’s in Broek op Langedijk. The theory is explained to the new operators through a presentation. In the training room, each participant is provided with a manual containing information on all the elements of the cremator.

During the second day, the group and the trainers together will go to the technical area to learn and understand about the specific operation of all components and their coherence. This will give a clear view of the actual situation.

On this practical day in the technical area, we will also take a look at the components that need to be checked on their correct function on a daily/weekly basis. Dummies are inserted during this practical training and maybe most important of all: calamities are dealt with. All participants will take an exam afterwards. A certificate will be issued if the test score is sufficient. The exam can be retaken if the test score is insufficient.

To keep the knowledge of previously trained operators up-to-date, DFW Europe recommends to follow a one-day-training course every year. Both the theoretical and practical information will be repeated, dealing with the theoretical information in the morning and the practical information and calamities in the afternoon. Many crematoria organisations make use of this training and experience it as very positive. Please contact DFW Europe for more information, for example on the costs for this refresher training.