Pet Funeral Home IJsselstein Unique in it’s kind

Pet funeral home IJsselstein is situated in a beautiful new building, next to the animal shelter. The term explains it all. That is how Nancy van Kesteren and her husband Raymond Lamping run their business. Young people who have a family and live their lives to the fullest.

Being in business together
Nancy and Raymond decided years ago that they wanted to be in business together. She had a legal and he had a technical background. Nancy: “We had a good look around to find out what facility was not yet provided in the area of IJsselstein, and it turned out that there was no pet funeral home.”

Thinking and acting together
Nancy and Raymond found it a difficult process to find a suitable cremator. Nancy: “We found our supplier, DFW Europe, five years ago at the funeral trade show where we went focussed on finding a supplier. We mainly considered the weight that can be cremated, a maximum weight of 100 kg. We then looked for a pet cremator to match that weight. Basically it comes down to the right combination of factors, price and quality, user-friendliness, and a cremator that you like. And last but not least, a mentality that you like. They took us seriously and we were given the right information straight away. Clearly and in the dry voice that is customary for Jan Keeman and Auke Rentenaar from the province of North-Holland. To get a clear picture, we travelled to Belgium together with Auke to visit the Somnia Pet Funeral Home. This was the deciding factor. We chose the DFW 100 pet cremator. The entire process was smooth, including the installation. No hurry, no extra pressure, they are the experts and we thought and acted together.”