We respect the climate and bow to it.

DELA Crematorium Groningen Hoentocht breathes it. It is surrounded by it on the outside and it’s omnipresent on the inside. Location manager Mariëlle Heijnen also speaks on behalf of her team when she says: “We consider it a great privilege to be able to work here.”

With a considerable delay, Groningen crematorium Hoentocht became operational in April. Completely built from natural materials, it was the drifting snow under the just closed roof that caused problems. In the end, everything worked out and the building with it’s beautiful ambiance opened up to the public.

Material honesty
We all know gas is scares, expensive, and (particularly in the environment of Groningen) a politically charged word. Mariëlle: “Solar panels, sedum moss, natural and honest materials and of course an electric cremator from DFW Europe. That is DELA’s policy for the development of a new crematorium. I have to say that this setup at Crematorium Hoentocht has been very successful. We don’t have a reception area, guests enter one of our foyers before and after the service. That is experienced as very pleasant. Families do not cross paths and have a wide choice of desirable ways to say goodbye.”

With a prognosis of 1,100 cremations per year, Hoentocht Crematorium Groningen is already seeing growing interest from regional funeral directors. Mariëlle: “Working in this facility is fantastic, partly because everyone reacts so enthusiastically. The electric oven is also a huge asset. I have worked a lot with gas fired ovens and the difference is huge. My entire team received a thorough training and subsequently obtained the DFW certificate. Everyone enjoys working with the electric oven and knows very well what to pay attention to. If you have any questions, we have an extensive manual and we are always assisted quickly and professionally by the back office of DFW Europe. On top of that, the savings are enormous, so
yes, I am very satisfied!”

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