Drachten Crematorium Wâldhôf has been a household name in the beautiful Frisian region for 17 years already. Location manager Astrid Bethlehem has seen ‘her’ location grow into the all-round and modern facility it is today. “At the time, we were the third crematorium in the region. Nowadays there are many more, but we still enjoy a growing interest.”

Originally, the DFW 4000 was installed in the building. Astrid explains: “That was perfectly doable for the first years, as we did about 300 cremations a year. But today we are talking about completely different numbers and we decided to replace de old oven by the DFW Electric. At Drachten Crematorium the old oven has been disassembled and the new one entered the building through the roof. That was a strange sensation, as there were many memories attached to the old oven.”

Back in 2018, Astrid and her team witnessed the launch of the DFW Electric cremator in Broek op Langedijk. “We thought that was fantastic and were immediately convinced that this should be our new oven. It still took some time because Monuta first wanted to see how this electric oven would perform.”

In June 2022, the entire accommodation, the overhauled care room, crematorium and family rooms was reopened. Astrid: “The reactions of undertakers and users are so positive that they overwhelmed us. The new cremation facility is fantastic. It’s much more economical, much quieter, much faster and so much easier to operate.” The new look and the transparency of work has meanwhile convinced more and more relatives to accompany the deceased into the oven room.

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