‘This is how we visualised it; a style that would guarantee that this crematorium would fi t the environment. That it would become part of the environment’. This is what Bert van Assels, Director of GUV Uitvaartzorg en GUV Facilitair says about the recently opened Etten Crematorium. The result is a building that very much looks like a number of agricultural sheds positioned next to each other. Built of earthly materials, making it fit into nature even more.

Etten crematorium

The Etten Crematorium is GUV Facilitair’s second crematorium. Previously, GUV Aalten Crematorium became operational in 2007. People are the central focus in both crematoria. Van Asselt: We do not carry out more than three cremations a day. Our guiding principle is that we always do what the next of kin would like us to do and expect us to do. We ensure that there will always be beautiful memories of the farewell. It is important for GUV Facilitair that people – no matter where they are from and at which insurance company they are insured – are always welcome in Aalten or Etten. We are here for everyone who needs us.’

Open since the 18th of July
When the Etten Crematorium was built and designed great account was taken of the environment and a minimum impact on the climate was ensured. As said earlier, we almost only used natural materials and there are solar panels on the roofs. All walls, ceilings and floors are optimally insulated. The choice for an electric cremator, the DFW Electric, was also the result of our desire to work as sustainably as possible. According to forecasts, approximately 700 cremations will be carried out in Etten every year.

Choice for DFW Europe
Bart van Asselt is highly satisfied with the electric cremator of DFW Europe: ‘DFW Europe is a company with a high level of hightech, knowledge and service. They are there when we need someone. I find the fact that the technical staff can quickly monitor digitally when a problem occurs very valuable. They contribute ideas and think ahead. We experience this both in Aalten and in Etten.

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