When you want to buy a pet or human cremator, DFW Europe has the most innovative cremation equipment for crematoria. When you can tell us exectly what you want for your new crematory, we can offer you a fixed price . The price of a cremation furnace has several factors such as with automatic charging bier, with ash pan elevator and also important are the shipping costs.

Buy cremator

When you want to buy a DFW Europe cremator, we’ve got three options to choose from:
1] Hot start human cremator DFW 6000.
2] Cold start human cremator DFW 4000.
3] Cold start pet cremator DFW 100.

All these cremators are the best on the cremation market. These cremators all have a low energy consumption and when it comes to cremation innovations they are just miles ahead when we look to other cremators available on the market. Together with a state of the art filter system your crematory could become a green crematory. The best cremation solution would be, when green energy is used for a cremation. Could be used for other reasons or even can be stored in the ground. A lot of options to think about. When you need help just contact us for more information.