What is the difference between cold and hot start cremator? Here in Europe we know the difference between hot and cold start human cremators. A cold start cremation furnace is a cremator that start it’s first cremation of the day with a cold primary cremation chamber. For the following cremations the temperature is cooled down till 450 degrees Celsius. Before the next cremation can be done. This is because a cold start cremator could have (and is optional) a automatic charging bier. And therefore it’s to hot to insert a coffin manually. Cold start cremators are a good investment for crematories that do maximal 750 cremations per year. The environmental chamber is standard for every cremator 820 degrees Celsius.

Difference between cold and hot start cremators

The hot start cremator is one a crematory should choose when the crematorium is performing 750 cremation or more per year. This kind of cremation furnace is made for 6 cremations per day, based on a 8 hour shift. You could perform more when you have longer working hours. These hot start cremators are standard performing a cremation with as start the main cremation chamber has a 650 degrees Celsius. These hot start cremators come with a automatic charging bier. Therefore a hot insert of the coffin is possible. The maximum temperature of a human cremator lies between 1100 and 1250 degrees Celsius. Both are innovative cremators: the cold start cremator and the hot start cremator are a good investment for crematories around the world. Even the pet cremation furnace the DFW 100 is a cold start pet cremator.