What is the delivery time of a cremation furnace? This answer depends on the requirements from the crematory. Normally spoken the delivery time of a human cremation furnace is, approximately three months. It’s all about tthe building, the available space, the question if it’s a new crematory or a replacement of the existing oven.

Delivery time cremation furnace

The process: First of all you need to buy the cremation furnace. After the period of planning and fine tuning, we will send you a quoteation. After acception we ask you to make a first deposit so that we can begin to build the cremator. Normally spoken we need a month for it’s steel construction. After this first month we need one month to lay all brickwork, as this is a job done by a specialist who knows everything about brickwork, stones and different materials. Our human cremators are the best in the world. What means that we build the heaviest available human cremator on the market these days. This 17 tons human cremator has a long life time cycle of ten years or more.