laren crematory

At the intersection of Baarn, Hilversum and Laren is the new Laren Crematorium. Families, the involved funeral directors and other guests are welcomed in a beautiful setting. The crematorium is managed and run by Guus Temming and his wife Natalie Temming-Tap.

The crematorium has been operational since 21 January 2019. Guus: “There was a clear need for this area’s ‘own’ crematorium. Up to now, people from the Gooi area had to drive a reasonable distances to go to a crematorium, which was far from ideal.” Not only funeral directors and residents of the region have expressed this need. A project developer also went looking for a suitable location. Once he had found it, he made every effort to get the designated use changed, and he did so quite successfully. Previously there were many objections to a crematorium, but this time everything fell into place.

Unique features The Laren Crematorium has two unique features: The first one is a beautiful location, a beautiful building with a very stylish interior. The second is the people who work there. Guus: “They make the difference. We can be proud of a strong team that wants to perform really well. Each and every one of them wants to do something good for people, be of service to them, and make the extra effort. Our guests experience us as a sincere, friendly host.”

In the architectural implementation, a conscious choice was made for a cremation installation of DFW Europe. Guus: “In the past, we used to work with a different supplier. However, in the course of time we have come to highly appreciate the developments at DFW Europe.

The quality has strongly improved as has the workmanship. In addition, there is a good price-quality ratio. The appearance of the cremator does not scare people off, which is good because people increasingly want to attend the insertion of the coffin. Last but not least, the team of DFW Europe is always near and present when needed, with a service that fits us seamlessly.”