The Rotterdam region has a new stylish crematorium since the 15th of July last; Monuta Crematorium and Memoriam Funeral Homes. A place that was explicitly developed for almost every funeral or cremation, very comprehensive, multicultural, but also small and intimate. Funeral Service Manager Jeanet Wiegmann has noticed, since its opening, that the new crematorium clearly meets the demands of people from Rotterdam and its surroundings. According to forecasts, approximately 600 cremations will take place in the new accommodation on an annual basis. The opening was preceded by a major rebuilding and the entire complex now matches up to today’s requirements.

Wiegmann: There was a high demand among our members of Monuta and people insured with this organisation to have their ‘own’ crematorium in this region. The building we were already in and that served as a funeral home was very suitable to be extended with a crematorium. This makes the services we offer to these and other people complete’. There are several crematoria in Rotterdam and its surroundings. One distinctive feature is the openess with which the crematorium is set up. Additionally, we now offer all facilities around funeral services in one location. A pleasant fact for all next of kin.

During the open day and also afterwards, it appeared that increasingly more people place great store by sustainability in the entire development. Everything possiblewas used; solar panels, optimal insulations, a heat pump plus of course DFW Europe’s electric cremator. Wiegmann: ´We are very happy with it. We have furnished the cremation area with style and made it look friendly so that people can feel comfortable and safe in it. The equipment does not scare people off and that is what is important during the process of saying farewell.

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