North Oxfordshire crematorium: After the team from Memoria viewed the DFW Electric with their own eyes in the Netherlands in 2019, the choice was more or less made. Deputy CEO, Jamieson Hodgson said “Since the beginning of time, mankind has chosen to either bury or cremate their loved ones, however, change to the cremation process was needed to ensure that it could meet its environmental obligations. This new development will allow the cremation process to be carried forward into the 21st century in a sustainable way. Our North Oxfordshire facility has the first new-age electric cremator in the UK and reduce emissions by 95%. We are very proud to be the first operator to bring this innovation to the market. In short, this paves the way for the cremation industry to be carbon neutral.”

Memoria Ltd is a family-run business which has developed 16 memorial parks and crematoria since 2003. They were also the first operator in the UK to install ‘mercury abatement’ filtration to their cremators in 2005. Hodgson went on to say, “We have always been at the forefront of technology in this industry to ensure that the environment is as protected by the cremation process as possible. We have a commitment to continue to work on these technologies with cremator manufacturers so that these improvements can continue to be made and we can support the UK government’s target of being carbon neutral by 2050. This is the first step for the industry to fulfil its environmental obligations.”

The North Oxfordshire crematorium board of Memoria is pleased with their choice of DFW Europe. Jamieson stated, “A strong company, well organised. Any issues we encountered in the development process were solved quickly and efficiently. We will continue to work together to keep improving the technology and ensuring that future cremation processes are as sustainable as possible.”

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