DFW Europe provides a practical training following the installation of a new cremator and filter installation. All employees who (will) operate the cremator will receive an on-site training by Desiree van den Haak. This training will take up two days, one full day of theory using a PowerPoint presentation and one full day of practice. All matters discussed during the theory day will be repeated in the technical room on site, including a disaster recovery training. The training can also be given in one day if the operators have more experience. Theory is supplemented by work in practice. The training will be concluded by a test for all participants. Only the employees who have passed the test will receive an operator’s certificate and are allowed to operate cremators.

Desiree: “We recently distributed a short survey form at the end of several trainings. We are keen to know if course members are satisfied with the training, if they have missed anything and if they think there is enough time to ask questions or to discuss issues. The result is known and we can conclude that our practical trainings score 8 out of 10. The course members are positive about the clarity of the teaching materials and explanations. Desiree: “This survey has given me sufficient guidance to make these trainings more perfect where possible.”