A beautiful craft. That is what Johnny Bultstra calls his profession of ‘cremator builder’. He builds the DFW Europe cremators with his colleagues. All materials used are of course heat resistant. Johnny: “We work in accordance with the appropriate regulations of this industrial craft. Additionally, we pay great attention to optimal quality, service life and sustainability.”

The team starts off with an empty steel frame. Johnny: “Next, we continue to apply insulation boards, followed by insulating bricks, and then we lay the fire resistant stones in a fixed pattern. We usually work with the same group of people, where we each have our own speciality.” The cremator builders do not only build new cremators, they also look after maintenance and carry out repair work on them.

“There are now over one hundred cremators all over the world that we have built, and we also carry out general repairs on them. This generally concerns fixing a floor, an arch or other fire-resistant components. No day is the same. I have been doing this craft for 43 years, and it is a beautiful craft. It is labour-intensive work, but great to do. Every day you build something new or you restructure a cremator to perfection. Now we have to make sure that there will be young people willing to continue this beautiful craft of cremator builder in the future.

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