Crematorium Midden Limburg in Baexem has been given a new look. The 23-year-old – and thus outdated – crematorium really needed it. A new auditorium, new refreshments and family rooms, a completely renovated auditorium and, last but not least, a modern electric cremator of DFW Europe.

Location Manager Benny Steijvers looks happy about the recent changes. ‘Funeral company staff like to come here and the visitors, who used to go home almost straight after the service, often tend to stay longer now. The crematorium that is owned by DELA, serves the large region of Middle and North Limburg.

According to Steijvers, the team of 25 people who work in two locations in Limburg, highly value the opinion of the users of the crematorium. ‘This is a rural area, where people are often true go getters, and as is traditional in Limburg, are very proud of their origin. DELA gives us great opportunity to develop new things, tailored to our user’s needs.

The crematorium, without funeral home, distinguishes itself by its location, its peace, great water mass on the rear side, and now by its electric cremation facility. An additional attraction is that it can be easily reached from Germany, where many requests for cremation come from. Approximately 650 cremations take place on an annual basis. Steijvers: ‘There are many funeral homes active here, you could call it a saturated market. This means that we need an entrepreneurial mindset and have to develop new initiatives. This crematorium offers ample opportunity for technical cremations, which is done on a frequent basis.

The choice for DFW Europe’s electric cremator was an obvious one for DELA. This is because DFW is the only one of the few parties in the Netherlands that develops and produces this type of cremator. Steijvers: ‘In practice, it also turned out that DFW delivers a high service level as well as high-quality services. They helped find solutions, which made our work much more pleasant.’

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