Bemmel Crematorium: Linda Hooijer is visibly proud when she walks around in what she thinks is: ‘the most beautiful crematorium of DELA’. And she is right. The recently opened crematorium DELA ‘Karbrugsche Veld in Bemmels is stylishly furnished in accordance with the most recent standards. ‘People no longer have to cross ‘the water’(the river Rijn or the river Waal, editors) and they appreciate that’, according to Linda.

The first discussions about the construction of a new crematorium in the aimed region already started in 2007. The final location is wonderful and offers visitors a wide view of the natural environment. Linda: ‘Until recently, people had to go to Arnhem or Nijmegen for a cremation. During the open day in July, which was visited by 1,500 people, it became clear that there was a need for a closer facility.’

Linda believes that the distinctive capability of this new crematorium is mainly defined by personal attention for visitors. ‘Our coffee concept appeals to the visitors, they feel comfortable with the view, the light entering the building and its warm appearance. We try, for example, to move the colour from the outside to the inside by having fresh flowers everywhere. But she believes that it is the people in her team who dot the ‘i’s: Each one of my colleagues is service-oriented and does her or his utmost for people to go home feeling good, despite their grief.’

With the electric cremator of DFW Europe, as part of DELA’s CO2 neutral operation, Linda is expecting to do 800 to 900 cremations a year. The bereaved want to be increasingly involved in cremations. Linda: ‘We see that bereaved families want to come along to the cremation area in 85 to 90% of the cases. The majority of these people also want to be there when the coffin is inserted into the cremator.’

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