Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium (UK) combines style and quality. Style and quality, those are the visible elements in every detail of Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium in the UK. The crematorium is owned and operated by the local authority, which is a fairly new construction for England. Manager Rhonda Churchill has been closely involved from the start of the construction to completion of the build and is visibly proud of the result.

Rhonda explains: ‘The idea started a few years ago when I and colleagues concluded that it was time for something different, something innovative in comparison to the traditional funeral business in England. Market research also showed that there was sufficient space in the Rushcliffe area for a new crematorium. We have been operational since the beginning of April.”

The result is very rewarding. A stylish building, with many windows so a maximum amount of light is entering the rooms. Unlike most traditional crematoriums, there is no curtain around the coffin, but it’s a clear and open arrangement. The modern lighting and music installation and can be adapted to the wishes of the users. Rhonda: “In fact, everything is possible here as long as we can realize it and it’s responsible. For example, people sometimes make their own music and they can bring a pet.”

Users are really attracted to the building’s almost completely self-sufficiency in terms of energy. “Many people who are looking for a place for a cremation see this accommodation and its possibilities, adjust their plans and choose for us. The crematorium is located in a beautiful area with a golf course, a walking forest and an adjacent restaurant.

Part of the idea of developing a CO2-neutral accommodation is the DFW Electric cremator. Rhonda: ‘It’s certainly important for us, but we also see that this appeals to people. Increasingly, now that this is possible, the next of kin can also accompany the deceased to the insertion room. People from both Sikh and Hindu faiths choose this as part of their service, but its available to all.” When asked why the DFW Electric was chosen, Rhonda says: “I think because DFW Europe is the only party that can produce these improved ovens.”

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