Completely renovated and preserved crematorium Maaslanden. It was closed for six months and underwent a complete metamorphosis. This happened to DELA Crematorium and Funeral Home Maaslanden. Location Manager Yvonne Kielenstijn is more than happy with the result. ‘This operation turned the 35-year-old building in Nieuwkuijk into a modern and highly accessible facility.’

A completely new layout makes it possible to have services in several rooms. The refreshment rooms have been completely changed into the latest style of DELA as well as the family rooms and of course the auditoriums. There is a great deal of light, open space and atmosphere. Another striking aspect is the change to the exterior of the building, where the originally high walls around it were lowered. ‘Everything related to death used to be kept inside, it remained within the high walls. But nowadays people are allowed to meet each other, to see other people, we are allowed to talk about death, it is no longer taboo’, according to Yvonne. She is the manager of a team of 38 people. People who are committed and do their utmost to support the needs of the bereaved.

Based on DELA’s aim to operate completely climate- neutral by 2030, the rooftop of the building was equipped with 240 solar panels. Insulation materials were used everywhere and there are two electric ovens of DFW Europe in the cremator area.

Yvonne asked one of the employees who works with the new cremators to tell us something about working with them. His experience: ‘It is a big difference that the cremators no longer look frightening, instead they look beautiful. That makes the ritual of inserting the coffin more beautiful and especially more peaceful. It also helps that there are hardly any failures in the system and can be completely operated by pushing one button. We can pay more attention to the bereaved family as a result.’

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