The DFW Europe team sees that the demand for electric cremators is increasing enormously. Sales Manager Dennis Jacobs: “We are following the market and have acted in time for the actual production of the electric cremator. It is now the topic of conversation in the entire cremation industry because it is operational and works well. Experiences and figures are shared. People see that the DFW Electric is meeting all standards.” A logical consequence of the increasing demand is that other manufacturers will also enter the market with their electric cremation systems.

Technical Manager Sjaak Zutt: “This is good because we cannot serve the entire market. We are not the inventors of the electric cremator, we just took it to the next level. We believe it is very important to establish a long-term relationship with our clients. It is in our DNA to demonstrate that we think along, develop along, and that we face any challenge that comes our way. Problems will always be solved. We move along with our clients in a project. Where possible, we advise and share our knowledge and expertise. That is where we, DFW Europe, can make the difference and it is much appreciated.” All eyes in the cremation industry are currently focused on energy consumption during the cremation process. This is where substantial savings, both in costs and in environmental impact, can be made.

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