DFW Europe is part of a sensational project in the UK to build world’s first crematorium run with hydrogen. In Worthing (England’s third largest crematorium), DFW Europe will participate in a project showing that cremations based on hydrogen are technically possible. The project is financed by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero in the UK. Other participants to this project are FT Pipelines, Worthing’s local government, the University of Brighton, Ricardo AEA, P.T.J. Combustion Solutions, our service partner in the UK, and Honeywell. The purpose and starting-point are to investigate and demonstrate that it is possible to cremate with hydrogen. This project is an innovative step towards CO2 neutral cremations by using green hydrogen.

The development and production of the cremator is going to take until mid-2024. One of the cremators will run with hydrogen during the month of March. Following this, the report on the advantages and disadvantages of cremations based on hydrogen will be presented. Hydrogen as an energy source is only one of the many options for cremations as far as DFW Europe is concerned. As hydrogen is generated by electricity, it is always more efficient to cremate with local electricity.

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