Zeist crematorium: The Municipality of supports many sustainable initiatives. The municipal authorities are working on a largescale energy efficient policy and creating awareness for it. Creating sustainable property, from the local children’s farm to the swimming pool. The electric cremator in the local crematorium Zeisterbosrust is also contributing to this ambition.

Completely gas-free
Hans de Groot is energy manager for the Municipality of Zeist crematorium and in this capacity he is the project leader for the realisation of the crematorium. Hans: “The idea was at first to install a gas cremator in the new crematorium. But this did not fit the ambitious plans for the municipal organisation to be completely gas-free by 2030. So the decision to make enquiries into an electric cremator was finally made. We investigated all options and went for the DFW Electric. An important part of the energy for cremations is generated by solar panels mounted on the chapel roof. The residual heat from the cremator is stored to heat the building, a unique situation. In this way, energy is not wasted but reused.

Crematorium Zeisterbosrust opened up one year ago and carries out 650 cremations a year as was forecast. Hans: We are satisfied with our electric cremator, the DFW Electric. Exploitation is optimal and it is very user-friendly to work with. The advice given by the team of DFW Europe was valuable and complete in the various phases of the project. After it was commissioned, the process of adjustment and optimisation became important. As previously said, it is our aim to run our business gas-free at the cemetery too. We are all working on this at the moment.”

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