DFW Europe in Scandinavia

In the past years, a great deal has been happening in the field of cremation and filter installations in the Scandinavian countries. Large-scale projects have been implemented in Sweden and Denmark by DFW Europe. DFW Europe has developed into a full partner in development plans for new cremators and filter installations for various local governments.

Cremation consultant Sven van Dijkman

All these developments have led to DFW Europe searching for an ambassador and contact person who knows everything about Scandinavia as well as the Netherlands. This person was found and his name is Sven van Dijkman. Sven has meanwhile become part of the DFW Europe team. He has been working in the business sector, is a Telecom specialist, realised fixtures and fittings for shops, opened many doors with his knowledge of languages and is running his own consultancy business. With his broad general background, his knowledge and head for languages, he is helping to build a bridge between DFW Europe and the different cultures and regulations. Sven was born in the Netherlands and moved to Sweden in 1987.

Sven: “I am really happy that I can, on DFW Europe’s behalf, contribute to developments which are taking place rapidly here. With my knowledge of the market and the regulations that apply in Scandinavia, I can inform local people about all innovations, bring them into contact with staff from DFW Europe and guide processes.”