Sustainable crematorium

Sometimes beautiful things come together. This is certainly the case at Hart van Berkelland Crematorium, despite the sad reason for farewells. This sustainable crematorium lies in the middle of the Aamschot Estate and is surrounded by a beautiful nature. The building is atmospheric and has style, partly because optimal use was made of natural products. Once they are in, the visitors can enjoy outstanding hospitality.

Sustainable crematorium in Haarlo

This is reason enough why undertakers and clients from miles around this location are eager to book here. Initiator Gert Brinkhorst has an extensive, impressive entrepreneurial background. He deals with grief in the broadest sense of the word. With his company Rondom Rouw he provides project management, advice and support. In addition, he is the author of several children’s books and he designs children’s urns. He has run and managed the ‘De Omarming’ Crematorium in Zutphen since 2011. His second unique project, Hart van Berkelland Crematorium, went operational in August 2017. He realised this project too with his wife Sonja and his son Arjan, who is the manager of this crematorium.

Lodge room Despite his busy life, he is still a people lover. He wants to maintain contact with them, wants to know what is important to them and, in particular, not to be occupied with buildings alone. For that reason, he keeps involved with the funerals much of the time and comforts families on location when they say farewell to their loved ones. As far as he is concerned, any farewell should be unique. Gert: “People can ‘celebrate’ a farewell, in other words celebrate life.”

In the new crematorium is an atmosphere of being one with nature. Fireplaces, stone, wood, large lounge chairs. Families and the people they invite can organise the farewell they want to. Anything, especially in the culinary field, is possible and acceptable. At least 5,200 people visited the open day in August to see the result with their own eyes. Just like in Zutphen, there is a DFW 6000 cremator in this crematorium. Approx. 400 cremations are arranged these days, but this number is growing rapidly because many people are attracted to this location. Gert says the following about DFW Europe: “It feels that this is simply the best party.

DFW Europe sells a high-quality product that is built with a fantastic technology. The insertion platform is super and subtle. It works well, certainly when families want to attend the insertion of the coffin, which is happening in 50% of the cases these days. People feel comfortable when they do so and it does not frighten them, on the contrary even. The heat is reclaimed in Hart van Berkelland Crematorium.

In addition, it is the first crematorium in Europe which also uses adsorption cooling. In the technical area there are three barrels of 5,000 litres of water each, which do not only heat the areas but cool them as well. This way, a lot of free energy is extracted and renewed inside this sustainable crematorium. The installation was realised in close cooperation with DFW Europe.