We’d like to introduce a new colleague, Sjaak Zutt (54). With an MTS in mechanical engineering and 32 years of technical experience, he has found a new challenge at DFW Europe. When he had to choose a new job, he didn’t take any risks. “I’ve been very selective in that choice, also because there’s a big demand for technical expertise. Things with DFW Europe felt right straight from the word go. I was immediately inspired by director Jan Keeman’s passion for his business, his staff and customers.”

The short commuting distance and the opportunity of being able to offer customers a maximum service were conditions Sjaak attached to making a new start. “New technical developments are always exciting but making sure that cremation technology doesn’t stall and works as it should is quite a challenge too”, he says. A lot of Sjaak’s experience was gained whilst working with combustion technologies. He calls himself a team player, a hands-on man and he doesn’t mind travelling.

Good qualities to guarantee DFW Europe’s high-quality service anywhere in the world. We wish Sjaak all the best!