Cremation technology Kviberg, Sweden: In November of this year, DFW Europe’s second sizeable project in Sweden, after Ringsted (Denmark), will become operational. With four new DFW6000 cremators and four existing ones, cremation technology Kviberg will become the largest crematorium in Sweden and the whole of northern Europe. Expectations are that more than 10,000 cremations will take place each year.

The pride of crematorium’s manager, Thomas Jönsson, and team-leader Johan Andreasson, is visible as they walk through the new complex. For quotations, representatives of the Swedish church consulted four parties and finally made a choice between a Swedish company and DFW Europe. Thomas: “DFW won mainly because they consistently came up with the best solutions for what we wanted to realise.”

Solutions made relate to, e.g., fuel. For DFW Europe, cremation technology Kviberg is the first location where cremations will be fuelled by (bio) diesel. This oil is stored in a large barrel. Furthermore, the people who load the coffins into the oven wanted to be able to continue using their own loading truck. This was realised by equipping the ovens with guided lasers that detect whether the truck is approaching the oven correctly. If these lasers are interrupted, the door will not open. The oven can be operated from the loading truck using an iPad. DFW Europe developed the app this required.

Similarly to Ringsted, they chose to install windows with optional automatic screens. These allow mourners an opportunity to witness the coffin being loaded into the cremation furnace. Two bridges have been built between the existing crematoria. The ‘old’ cremators in the building, which date from 1935, are still operational. In total six ovens can be used; the other two are used during extremely busy periods.

In Thomas’ opinion, DFW Europe has more than fulfilled their expectations. “Cremators that do not work are our worst nightmare, as we have nowhere else to go. DFW Europe offers a high level of security and quality. This is even more important than the right price. The high quality IT and ingenious solutions are truly unique. As we see it, DFW Europe has more than proved the good reputation it has in this sector.”