Crematorium Maple Parc in Hambleton, England, a new crematorium has opened its doors, Maple Parc. In the beautiful hilly area just outside Hambleton, the regional government has built amodern crematorium. The crematorium is named ‘Maple Parc’ in memory of the members of the Royal Canadian Airforce who unfortunately lost their lives in the area during the Second World War.

It was built with optimal attention to the climate, minimizing the CO2 footprint, so the building is equipped with an electric oven, the DFW Electric. Hannah Heinemann, part of the management team: “We are very satisfied with it and the reactions from both the undertakers and the visitors are very positive.”

The clients and users talk about ‘Maple Parc’ and deliberately omit the description ‘Crematorium’. Hannah: “The government has purchased a large site on which the crematorium has now been given a place. However, the space offers many opportunities to develop other activities as well.”

Savings with regard to harmful substances and money are important added values for the new crematorium. The fact that catering is arranged on site is also quite unique. “The funeral facilities in this region are quite dated. We wanted that to be different and offer the opportunity to sit together before and after the ceremony, including coffee arrangements and other catering. People here are not used to that yet, but we are already noticing that visitors are using it a lot,” says Hannah.

For DFW Europe, this was the first online project, therefore lacking physical meetings as all meetings went through Teams. It was also the first project in which the client was the contractor instead of the end customer, which is the Hambleton Council.

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