“DFW Europe, what a wonderful company. Our cremation installations are currently sold in nine countries. And inquiries are coming from many more countries. A nice confirmation of years of work, commitment and team spirit. This makes me a proud man who experiences the tension of the growing number of requests every day.

I am more than proud of my team of over 35 employees. The technical people, the IT specialists, the trainers, the people behind the scenes. They all contribute to the enormous driving force to always deliver quality, constantly innovate and always think along with our clients. Together we make it happen, every day.

When I look at our most recent achievement, the DFW Electric, I proudly bow to my team. How nice is it that we actually contribute to enormous savings and a reduction of our CO2 footprint? DFW Europe, with a self-managing team, is far from finished. We also have to deal with new construction projects where the availability of the necessary materials is not self-evident. It is also inevitable that other companies will develop electric cremators. But nobody can take the lead that we have built up in the Netherlands and far beyond.

DFW Europe stands for the urge for perfection, guarantee of optimum quality and trust. That translates into enormous growth. We don’t just build an oven. We offer a complete concept of thinking along, building, installing and innovating. That’s what I mean by PRIDE”

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