Weerterland crematorium is for everyone

With over 500 cremations and a young management consisting of the daughters of funeral director Williamme van Deursen, the Weerterland Crematorium was well received by the public. Williamme: “Many people in this region know us from our funeral home. Over the past few years, we have noticed an increasing demand for cremations in this area. We are therefore very happy that we can now also offer this service within our self-owned company.”

There was a clear common thread in all preparatory meetings and that was that the new crematorium has to be for everyone. Chayenne van Deursen: “What we want to achieve is that people can come to say their goodbyes to their beloved ones in a way that is completely personal.”

The cremator
Of course, the choice for the human cremator was carefully weighed up. DFW Europe was recommended to Williamme by someone from his business network and he is very satisfied with them. “From our first contact I was very impressed by their enthusiasm and the technical understanding of the DFW Europe people. The knowledge they have and the enthusiasm they present it with in response to our requirements, was very catching. They have fulfilled their promise for one hundred percent and more, which I find impressive in these times. The engineers passionately delivered great work, both at the front and in the back. A highly modern cremator with ancillary insertion machine and highly advanced filter technology was installed, which we are very proud of”.