Tony Fryklund of Bispebjerg Crematorium Copenhagen: “I want to see innovation, which is what I see with DFW Europe”

Denmark, the country where it is normal to re-use residual heat. It is also the country where the cremator operators know and want to know everything about the technology used. The country where DFW Europe has meanwhile realised two enormously large projects. One of those projects is the innovation in the field of filter technology and the complete programming of the cremation furnaces in the Bispebjerg Crematorium in the city of Copenhagen.

The work in the Bispebjerg Crematorium was carried out in two stages. In 2014, two filter installations were renewed and the work was then continued and completed in 2015. Our client Tony Fryklund: “Personally I am very involved in the technology behind cremators. I have searched everywhere in my own country and in Europe to find out who the strongest players are. I met Jan Keeman of DFW Europe several times at congresses. I have also seen him and his company working in Ringsted where a very extensive project with several human cremators was realised. When we decided to upgrade our filter system, DFW Europe was actually the first name that occurred to me. I was very impressed by this company’s performance. The people involved have a great eye for detail, deliver high quality and provide quick and adequate solutions.”

First in innovation
When the (mandatory) offers were made, Tony saw that the solutions offered by other parties were outdated and far from modern. “I want to see innovation, I was convinced that DFW Europe was ahead of the other companies. They listened carefully to our wishes and in the interim they continuously adjusted their solutions. Our employees have been trained very well by DFW Europe. They know everything about the technology, so they have great expectations for the new technology that was installed. DFW Europe listened to these operators carefully and many times, they then presented their solutions, followed by consultations and full adjustment. We were therefore not presented with a stereotype installation but with one that matches our culture and our method of working. True customisation.”

Approximately 7,000 people die in Copenhagen every year. 98 % of them choose to be cremated, 2 % to be buried. The heat that is released during the cremation process is used for heating the premises on site. DFW Europe has connected the cooling system of the newly implemented filter installation to the existing tank for the storage of heat. It has resulted in an annual saving of approx. € 30,000.00 per year for the city of Copenhagen.