In order to complement the funeral centre in The Hague, the CUVO decided to extend the complex with a crematorium. The official opening of the Funeral Home and Crematorium Haagse Duinen took place on 9 April. Manager Thomas Tubée is really satisfied with the extension: “Now we can offer full services not only to our members but also to other residents in this region.”

Many aspects were examined when designing the new crematorium. Tubée: “We felt – and feel – that the route to the charging bier is very important. This route was designed in such a way that the mourners can follow this final route in peace and quiet, together with the deceased. A simple design was needed for the charging bier chamber. We want to provide an entirely peaceful environment, to give people time to say their farewell in the way that they want. This is why we do not offer a rotating system, but always have only a single group in our accommodation at any one time.”

Also noticeable in Haagse Duinen is that a growing number of people are taking advantage of the opportunity to accompany the deceased into the oven chamber. “Room has been created for at most ten people. People who want to can use the remote control to set the cremation process in motion. Members of the Hindu community often choose to do this, as it is in keeping with the original rituals of their culture. Others simply want to see for themselves that the coffin has been loaded. Obviously, this process is always attended by two of the crematorium’s employees”, says Tubée.

The crematorium has a DFW6000 cremation furnace with a filter installation. Tubée: “We opted for DFW Europe because of the good price/quality ratio. We also looked at possibilities in the field of ICT and, of course, whether the technology is user-friendly. We attach a great deal of importance to sustainability and heat recovery. As a result, this entire building is warmed from the oven’s heat.”