In anticipation of the shrinking gas and oil reserves, alternatives are sought and found all over the world. Based on discussions about these current topics, DFW Europe decided in 2016 to develop an electric cremation furnace.

As soon as this electric cremation furnace is a fact, it will be examined whether it is possible with our current gas-fired furnaces to alternate the use of gas or oil with that of electricity or a combination of these. With this innovative technique, a hybrid cremation installation is created that fits in today’s time.

With the development of a hybrid cremation installation will be started immediately once the design of the electric cremation furnace is a fact. The new data obtained for us from the development of the electric cremator will form a guideline for the construction of a hybrid version. The end of the third quarter of 2018 is expected to start here so that an answer can be given at the end of 2018.