Respectrum has started a new project in Noordoost Fryslân crematory, in premises that have been completely renovated and refurnished. Manager Linda van der Deen is at the helm and is feeling extremely happy there. “We want to offer exactly the sort of service that funeral companies and bereaved relatives have in mind. Not a run-of-the-mill story, but a customised farewell. Initial reactions are extremely positive.”

Respectrum is an organisation comprised of several entrepreneurs who have a proven track-record in the funeral business. Small-scale crematoria are being developed in the Netherlands and Germany. The increasing demand for cremation is being satisfied based on a contemporary vision, with tasteful design and knowledge of the business.

The premises where the crematorium is located used to belong to the Funeral and Cremation Association of Dokkum and surroundings. The premises’ characteristic forms make them noticeable. Both the exterior and the interior have been renovated, and the results are stunning. Linda: “We have succeeded in creating just the right ambiance, where most people feel comfortable, despite the circumstances.”

Respectrum works with DFW Europe on all its projects. In particular, knowledge of ovens and filter techniques and the user-friendliness of the cremation equipment have strengthened the ties. Linda: “Though I am actually new to this sector, I soon felt at home in this world. This is partly due to the training we received from DFW Europe, which was clear and effective. Furthermore, matters can be overseen from a distance, and any problems that arise are soon solved. I am really impressed with the technology, the software, the possibilities and the knowledge of the DFW Europe team. For example, we installed our automatic charging bier underground, because the building required positioning our oven lower than usual. The result is a well-balanced, peaceful oven chamber, which is not at all off-putting for people who want to stay with the coffin until it has been loaded.”